The Skills Development Core will provide mentored research experiences including hands-on and didactic training in basic glycosciences, with clinical correlations and biotechnology applications. The ultimate objective is to increase the number of highly trained and highly committed investigators pursuing careers in the glycosciences in academia, medicine, or the private sector. Towards this goal, Core A will train four to six Fellows at any one time and will also help mentor three junior faculty with interests in areas related to the glycosciences. Dr. Jeffrey D. Esko, Leader for Project 3, will also lead Core A with support through the existing infrastructure of the Glycobiology Research and Training Center at UCSD.

Recruiting of Fellows

Web and printed advertisements; distribution of materials at meetings and universities

Junior Faculty Development

Engage four junior faculty at UCSD with interests in glycosciences.

Dr. Lars Bode
Dr. Mark Fuster
Dr. Pascal Gagneux
Dr. Kamil Godula

Hands-on Training

Existing collaborations; Technical training in the various PEG Cores; Workshops

Didactic Coursework



Seminars, Symposia and Scientific Meetings; Create GlycoSphere: A web portal for glycoscientists.

Career Development

Courses in professional development, ethics, and lab management skills; Translational Research seminar series; Intellectual property and Technology Transfer