The NHLBI RFA just got published.  Here is the link: I am looking forward to several great applications from the group. Rita Sarkar

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InterPEG 2018

InterPEG 2018 will be held in San Diego, CA March 10 - 11, 2018. More information will be available in July 2017.

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Announcing an International Conference on Advances in Basic, Applied and Clinical Science of Hyaluronan June 11-15, 2017 Five days of scientific discussion to be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio USA including Continuing Medical Education Credit for attendance of Monday's Scientific Sessions* *This activity has been approved for AMA PRA...

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UC San Diego Scientists Receive $9.5 Million NIH Grant to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

UC San Diego Scientists Receive $9.5 Million NIH Grant to Combat Antibiotic Resistance. Interdisciplinary program will use systems biology approaches to understand how antibiotics work in concert with patient’s immune system.

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Training the Next Generation of Biomedical Investigators in Glycosciences

Purpose This white paper originated from a Working Group meeting convened by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute on April 15, 2015. It incorporates contributions by the participants as well as other thought leaders who represent research fields relevant to all NIH Institutes. The group...

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Visiting Scholars, 2014 - 2015

Anna Plaas, PhD, Professor, and John Sandy, PhD., Professor, Departments of Internal Medicine, Biochemistry and Orthopedic Surgery, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago Dieter P. Reinhardt, PhD., Professor, Canada Research Chair in Cell-Matrix Biology, McGill University, Montreal, April 26-29, 2015 Robert S. Haltiwanger, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman, Department...

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Cleveland Clinic to Host International Conference

June, 2017 Members of the Cleveland Clinic PEG, along with Carol de la Motte who will serve as Chair (P.I., Project #3) will host the 11th International Conference for Hyaluronan Sciences at the Cleveland Clinic campus.

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Two Investigators to Present at FEBS

September, 2015 Amina Abbadi and Vince Hascall will be presenting at the FEBS Advanced Lecture Course, “Glycobiology and Metabolic Regulation of ECM Molecules (L17-18)” in Rhodes, Greece

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Three Investigators to Participate in Glycobiology Workshop

July, 2015 Three investigators from the Cleveland Clinic PEG (Drs. Vincent Hascall, Ron Midura, and Mark Lauer) traveled to the Cardio-PEG at Johns Hopkins University to participate in a 2-week long Glycobiology Workshop hosted by Drs. Jerry Hart and Natasha Zachara. On Tuesday July 28th,...

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Four Trainees Invited for Platform and Poster Presentations

June, 2015 Four Trainees – Amina Abbadi, Jarrod Barnes, Aaron Petrey and Yan Wang – were invited for platform and poster presentations at the 10th International Society for Hyaluronan Sciences 2015 meeting in Florence, Italy.  In addition, PIs from 4 of the 5 PEG projects attended...

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Typhoid Mary, Not Typhoid Mouse

Typhoid Mary, Not Typhoid Mouse Lack of enzyme explains why typhoid fever is a human-specific disease.

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More Anti-inflammatory Genes Mean Longer Lifespans for Mammals

April 2015 More Anti-inflammatory Genes Mean Longer Lifespans for Mammals Mammal species with higher copy numbers of siglec receptor genes have longer maximum lifespans.

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Hands-on Training: Glycan Synthesis, Microarray & Cell Targeting

LIDPEG will be hosting a 3-day training workshop "Glycan Synthesis, Microarray & Cell Targeting" at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, June 1-3, 2015. No registration fee, but individual travel costs (airfare, airport-hotel transport, hotel accommodation) will be the responsibility of each trainee's own...

Future GlycoGen Preview "for trainees, by trainees"

Here is a preview of abstract titles that are under review for the Future GlycoGen program -- our "for trainees, by trainees" session at InterPEG-2015. BWH/Harvard PEG Using CRISPR-Cas technology to quantify the relative contributions of O-glycans, N-glycans and Glycosphingolipids to cell adhesion Perturbing circulatory ST6Gal-1 levels alters...


NIGMS Postdoctoral Research Associate Program Now Accepting Applications The NIGMS Postdoctoral Research Associate (PRAT) program is now accepting applications through the NIH FI2 funding mechanism (PAR-15-094). The PRAT program supports fellowship training across all of the NIGMS mission-related areas of basic biomedical science. The program is accepting applications...

ASBMB Symposium

Dear PEG Trainees, Please don't forget about the PEGNAC Google cal which contains meetings all around the US. Since travel funds are always tight with grants local meetings are a good way to get active in the science community without having the travel costs. I...

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Post-Doctoral Fellow opening at GlaxoSmithKline

GSK is looking to hire a PhD to “Designing and executing studies aimed at media and feed optimization for CHO cells expressing monoclonal antibodies and gaining a detailed understanding on the mechanism and control of glycosylation of the antibody” Potential candidates should send their resume to...

Mucus Proteins May Control Asthma

For an easy-to-understand description of some new LIDPEG research please visit this link to a Northwestern Press Release.  

InterPEG-2015 Abstract Submission Form

[gravityform id="2" name="Abstract Submission Form"]

InterPEG-2015 Poster Pitch Slide Guidelines

SUBMIT YOUR POSTER PITCH SLIDE Poster Pitch Slide File Format:  pdf Embed your tracking number in the upper right hand corner of your file (Example: BWH/HMS PEG 01) Format your slide to size:  10 inches wide & 7.5 inches height. (On-screen show 4:3 ratio, landscape format).  No animation,...

InterPEG-2015 Poster Guidelines

SUBMIT YOUR POSTER FOR PRINTING Poster File Format:  Power point.  No pdfs will be accepted. Embed your tracking number in the upper right hand corner of your file (Example: BWH/HMS PEG 01) Format your file to Size:  3 feet TALL by 4 feet WIDE (standard, all posters must...

InterPEG-2015 Abstract Guidelines

Do not include anything proprietary – these will be made available in the program booklet. Abstracts will not be posted publically other than in the booklet each attendee receives. Abstract Submission Form Details: PEG Tracking # - 18 characters Abstract Title – 167 characters Authorship & Affiliations – 430 characters Abstract...

Obtain an account to submit your abstract for InterPEG-2015

Abstracts will be submitted via the PEGNAC WordPress website.  Your content will be password protected and will remain on the server until the abstract submission deadline.  Once the deadline has passed the form responses will be deleted from the server. If you submitted an abstract for...

InterPEG-2015 Abstract Submission Form

Please be sure to obtain your tracking ID before you fill out this form! Please use this Google Form to request a tracking ID. Once the form is completed Melanie Nieze will send you your tracking ID. [gravityform id="2" name="Abstract Submission Form"]

Future GlycoGen Pre-Meeting

Future GlycoGen Session is a "for trainees, by trainees" pre-meeting session. The agenda will be set by the Future GlycoGen Organizing Committee in early 2015. Please don't miss out on the Special Guest Speaker Dr. Lawrence Tabak, NIH Principal Deputy Director! 2015 Committee Membership BWH/Harvard - Brad Dykstra Cleveland Clinic...

Relative Quantitation of N-linked Glycans by Mass Spectrometry

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. is hosting Dave Muddiman, Distinguished professor of Chemistry, North Carolina State University, for a Glycan webinar that will focus on Relative Quantitation of N-linked Glycans by Mass Spectrometry. This session will be held October 21, 2014 at 2:00...

Technical Assistance Webinar for the Common Fund Glycoscience Program

The purpose of the workshop will be to discuss the recently released FOAs (see below) and to offer guidance to potential applicants. NIH staff will be present to discuss key information and answer questions during the allotted Q&A sessions. The workshop is scheduled for Monday, October...

NIH Common Fund RFA's

The NIH Common Fund supports goal-driven, research networks in which investigators generate data, solve technological problems, and/or otherwise pilot resources and tools that will be stimulatory to the broader research community. Common Fund programs are designed to achieve their goals within a maximum of 10...

PEG Trainees outshine the competition at UC San Diego

OFFICE OF THE CHANCELLOR OFFICE OF THE VICE CHANCELLOR - RESEARCH September 18, 2014 ALL ACADEMICS, STAFF AND STUDENTS AT UC SAN DIEGO We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2014-15 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring and Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar. The Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding...

Dr. Ronald Schnaar awarded 2014 Karl Meyer Lectureship

I am very pleased to share the email received on Friday, Sept19. The Society for Glycobiology is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2014 Karl Meyer Lectureship Award is our very own BOSS, Dr. Ronald Schnaar. On behalf LIDPEG, I would like to convey...

NHLBI Career Transition Award (K22)

Trainees interested in doing research AT the NHLBI and then potentially move into a 3-year extramural award should follow the link below. Here is the funding announcement purpose: The purpose of the NHLBI Career Transition Award (K22) program is to provide highly qualified postdoctoral fellows with an...

Save the Date - Inter-PEG 2015 - April 15-16th in Bethesda, MD

- GlycoGen (Trainee-to-Trainee Session) will be held at 1:00-4:30 pm on Wednesday April 15, 2015. - The opening session of the InterPEG will begin at 5:00 pm on that same day (Wednesday, April 15) with reception/poster session that evening at 6:00-8:00 pm. - Thursday, April 16, 2015,...

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UC San Diego Health Sciences News Release: A Key Step Toward a Safer Strep Vaccine

Excerpt "An international team of scientists, led by researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, have identified the genes encoding a molecule that famously defines Group A Streptococcus (strep), a pathogenic bacterial species responsible for more than 700 million infections worldwide each...

Vacant PhD Fellowship at Copenhagen Center for Glycomics (CCG)

Vacant PhD fellowship(s) at Copenhagen Center for Glycomics (CCG) About CCG Copenhagen Center for Glycomics is a centre of excellence funded by University of Copenhagen and the Danish National Research Foundation dedicated to study of functions of complex carbohydrates in medicine. Complex carbohydrates of cells - the glycome...

Lung mucins and siglec recognition of lung glycans two and half-day training

"Lung mucins and siglec recognition of lung glycans" to be held at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine scheduled for June 9-11, 2014. No registration fee, but individual travel costs (airfare, airport-hotel transport, hotel accommodation) will be the responsibility of each trainee's own PEG. Accommodations, local transportation,...

UCSD News Release: Genetic Risk Factor for Premature Birth Found

Excerpt "Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have discovered a genetic risk factor for premature birth. The risk factor is related to a gene that codes for a protein that the scientists have found helps the body’s immune cells recognize and...

Trainee awards at Inter-PEG 2014

Congratulations to CarioPEG fellows Marissa Martinez, Ph.D. and Christine Jelinek who won awards for their Poster and Oral presentions at the Inter-PEG meeting.

NIH & FDA Glycosciences Day Coming May 19th!

Abstracts are due April 18th for NIH & FDA GlycoSciences Day May 19th, 2014 Natcher Conference Center   Kelly Ten Hagen, NIDCR & Daron Freedberg, FDA, Co-Chairs Confirmed Speakers           Dr. John Hanover, Chief LCMB, NIDDK, NIH:“Imbalanced O-GlcNAcylation as a Driver of Chronic Disease” Dr. Michael Tiemeyer, Professor and Associate Director, CCRC, University of Georgia:...

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ASMB Meeting Coming to San Diego April 26

ASBMB Annual Meeting April 26-30 San Diego CA Deadline to submit a late-breaking abstract and for early registration is this Friday, 2/21 Glycobiology: Submit your late-breaking abstract to topic category #204 (ASBMB) Glycobiology THEME ORGANIZERS Lara Mahal, New York Univ and Natasha Zachara, Johns Hopkins Univ Sch of Med GLYCAN CONTROL MECHANISMS: FROM GENOME TO GLYCOME San Diego Convention...

Free Webinar: Gene Expression Analysis and Biomarker Discovery Using The Human Protein Atlas

Antibody-based proteomics provides a powerful tool for the functional study of the human proteome involving the systematic generation of protein-specific affinity reagents. This approach was used by participants in the Human Protein Atlas Project (HPA) to construct a comprehensive, antibody-based protein atlas for expression and...

Registration is now open for Inter-PEG 2014!

As in previous years Eventbrite will be used to manage the registration for Inter-PEG 2013.  Registration closes February 5, 2014.

Inter-PEG 2014 Meeting Major Deadlines

Below is a list of the major submission deadlines for the Inter-PEG 2014 meeting. Wednesday (1/22/14) Steering Committee Faculty to decide who will present for their group on the main program Wednesday (1/29/14) Deadline for obtaining a tracking number from the Google Doc (for abstract, poster or both) Wednesday (2/5/14) Abstract...

Postdoctoral positions available

Postdoctoral Positions in the Glycosciences with emphasis on Immunology, Infectious disease, Dermatology, and Atherosclerosis The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) has awarded the University of California, San Diego, a program project grant as part of a national network of Programs of Excellence in Glycosciences...

US Patent issued to Dr. Desai's group

Desai, U. R.; Henry, B. L.; Liang, A.; Thakkar, J. N.; Mangrum, J. B.; Torres Filho, I.; Spiess, B. D.; Saluja, B.; Sakagami, M. Cinnamic acid-based oligomers and uses thereof – Divisional 1. United States Patent, US 8,613,909 issued December 23, 2013.

Inter-PEG 2014 Abstract Submission Form

Please be sure to obtain your tracking ID before you fill out this form! Please use this Google Form to request a tracking ID.  Once the form is completed Melanie Nieze will send you your tracking ID. [gravityform id="2" name="Abstract Submission Form"]

Future GlycoGen Agenda

The Organizing Committee for Future GlycoGen has developed the following time table.   Wednesday, March 26, 2014   1:00p – 1:05p                Aurijit Sarkar – Welcome & Introduction 1:05p – 2:00p                Invited Guest Speaker: Dr. John Lowe, Genentech 2:00p – 2:15p                Q&A - Moderator:...

Future GlycoGen Announcement

Dear PEG members, We are pleased to announce the 1st Future GlycoGen session at Inter-PEG meeting 2014, a “for trainees, by trainees” platform aimed at aiding postdoctoral and graduate student researchers take the next step in their careers. The Future GlycoGen session will be held on...

Glyco Session at Experimental Biology 2014

Experimental Biology 2014 Website   American Physiological Society WED. APR 30 2:30 - 4:30 pm Session Title: Sialic Acids: How Glycans Impact Human Physiology and Disease Chaired by Dr. Lars Bode Dr. Ajit Varki - University of California, San Diego, San Diego CA “Multifarious Roles of Sialic Acids in Human Evolution and Physiology” Dr....

Postdoc jobs at Univ. of Maryland, SOM

Postdoctoral positions in Peptide/Protein Chemistry, Enzymology, Molecular Biology, and/or Glycobiology   University of Maryland School of Medicine   Postdoctoral positions are available to work on an interdisciplinary research program at University of Maryland School of Medicine. The candidates will participate in at least one of the following research projects:...

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Christine Amuzie awarded supplemental training grant for 2013-2015

Christine Amuzie was awarded supplemental training grant by NIH/NHLBI for 2013-2015. The award will support her predoctoral research, "An Exploration of the Role of lyso-Glycosphingolipids in Atherosclerosis".

Puchong Thirawatananond received a 2013-2014 Provost's Undergraduate Research Award (PUNA)

Congratulations to Puchong Thirawatananond who received a 2013-2014 Provost's Undergraduate Research Award to study the molecular changes in the murine renal system in response to a high fat and cholesterol diet.

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Free Webinar: Employing Open Access LC/MS In Support of Recombinant Protein Drug Development

Broadcast Date: Thursday, September 26th @ 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific Register NOW! What you will learn: Common methods used to confirm protein identity and modifications LC/MS Protein open access platform, workflows, user interface, and reporting Administration requirements of recombinant protein LC/MS open access Benefits of deploying an open access platform...

Dr. Jeffrey Esko to give WALS Lecture

Dr. Jeffrey Esko will present a WALS lecture on Wed (9/11/13) from 3pm to 4pm at the Masur Auditorium (Bldg 10) ah the NIH. Talk title: Proteoglycans: Arbiters of lipoprotein metabolism Talk Abstract: Recently, genetic experiments in mice identified the heparan sulfate proteoglycan syndecan-1 as an important receptor...

Glycosciences Biopolymers Special Edition free until September30th!

Special thanks goes to Dr. C. Allen Bush (CardioPEG) and the Wiley publishing house for keeping the Special Issue: 50th Anniversary Special Issue on Glycosciences open to the public and free for 60 days! This window of opportunity closes on September 30th so act fast to...

Bioploymers Special Issue focuses on the glycosciences

The journal "Biopolymers" is preparing a special issue to highlight the glycosciences.  C. Allen Bush (CardioPEG) serves as Guest Editor of the issue and the UCSD PEG is represented by Drs. Lingquan Deng and Ajit Varki. For a limited time access to this special edition will...

Techniques in Glycobiology begins in two weeks!

The CardioPEG faculty will be hosting the course Techniques in Glycobiology (340.710), which will begin on August 19th.  This is one of the most comprehensive lab course of its kind in the field of glycosciences. As the course progresses teaching materials will be posted and made...

Science Moving towArds Research Translation and Therapy (SMARTT)

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Science Moving towArds Research Translation and Therapy (SMARTT ) Program supports the translation of novel discoveries into successful new therapies for heart, lung, and blood diseases by providing free, confidential, and rapid preclinical development services to investigators. Program Goal's To accelerate...

Vasculata 2013 on campus at UC San Diego

Vasculata is a unique, targeted summer course that will enhance any training program, and many postdocs, as well as graduate students, have attended past presentations. Registration is only $200 ($125 for NAVBO trainee members). · Students are encouraged to submit an abstract for poster presentation; the feedback...

Visiting Scholar: Rashmin Savani, MD, ChB

June 17, 2013 Rashmin Savani, MB, ChB Professor, Pediatrics University of Texas Southwestern Neonatologist, Pediatrics/Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, University Hospital Medical Division Director/Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Children's Medical Center Chief, Pediatrics/Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Parkland Health & Hospital System Talk Title: RHAMM and Hyaluronan: Critical Activators of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase  

2013 Drug Discovery and Therapy World Congress Features Multiple HSPG Presenters.

This year's Drug Discovery and Therapy World Congress in Boston prominently featured lectures and presentations from multiple HSPG PEG faculty and trainees. Participation in this year's seminar is as follows:   Umesh Desai, Ph.D., organized the cardiovascular track. Umesh Desai, Ph.D., presented a lecture on “Small, synthetic glycosaminoglycan...

Waters Webinar: Strategies for Successful Characterization of N-Linked Oligosaccharides

Any scientist looking for an improved strategy for the successful characterization of glycoproteins cannot afford to miss this educational webinar! Glycosylation of proteins is a highly significant post-translational modification that can modulate both protein structure and function.  The glycosylation of biotherapeutics is understandably then a structural...

Trainee Xander van Wijk defends thesis

Congrats go to Dr. Xander van Wijk!...for successfully defending his thesis entitled "Chemical biology of heparan sulfate: development of tools, and use of sugar analogs to inhibit heparan sulfate biosynthesis and angiogenesis." Three research papers related to his thesis work include: Houben AJ*, van Wijk XM*, van...

Analytical Glycosciences Workshop

The most recent LIDPEG Workshop was well-attended by trainees from nearly all the PEG groups as well as several non-PEG attendees. The resources available to the public include pdfs of the training overview, lectures and protocols covering the topics of glycomic analysis (O-glycans) and proteomic analysis. To...

Trainee: InterMatch Website

Hi Trainees! I was thinking there was a way for PEG Trainees to find internships with Biotech Companies.  I found the InternMatch and there are some major companies searching for interns. San Diego Area Johnson & Johnson Roche Janssen Pharmaceutical Vertex Pharmaceuticals   You can either create an account or log-in with Facebook....

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Trainee: EMBO Life Sciences Mobility Portal

Hey Trainees! I thought that this jobs portal was absolutely fabulous!  They list lots of information pertinent for trainees: JOBS, Fellowships, Grants & Prizes, Funding Bodies, Grants for Scientific Visits, Grant to Attend Conferences, International PhD Programs....etc. Though I did to research eligibility.  You'll have to take a...

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EMBO Career Building Videos

There are 2 short career building video's posted on the EMBO YouTube channel from their 2012 Annual Meeting in Nice, France. - Barbara Janssens, gives five tips on how to write CV and job applications. Barbara is the PhD Career Manager at the German Cancer Research...

Trainee Philip Gordts participates in UCSD PEG Highschool Outreach Activity

UCSD PEG Trainee Philip Gordts enjoys some homemade ice cream during the recent AP Biology student visit to the Esko Lab.  Philip demonstrated some basic lab experiments to instruct the students on the principles of experimental method and proper laboratory techniques.

Patent Application: Worldwide patent filed by Dr. Subroto Chatterjee.

On May 3, 2013, Dr. Chatterjee filed for a patent on the use of glycosyltransferase inhibitors to ameliorate cardiac hypertrophy. The patent is currently in the national phase.

HSPG-PEG Website available now

The HSPG-PEG local website is now live.  Be sure to check out their News & Events on the homepage!

Registration Open for 2013 CCRC Carbohydrate Training Courses

Registration is now open for the University of Georgia Complex Carbohydrate Research Center hands-on training! Courses for Techniques for Characterization of Complex Carbohydrates Course 1 , Techniques for Characterization of Carbohydrate Structure of Polysaccharides - Polysaccharide Course (August 5-9, 2013). Course 2 , Separation and Characterization of Glycoprotein...

PEG Speakers at Inaugural 2013 Glycoimmunology Symposium

The Harvard University Center for AIDS Research Immunology Core and Vaccine Program, the National Institutes of Health, and Nature Medicine are pleased to sponsor the  Inaugural 2013 Glycoimmunology Symposium! Thursday, May 23, 2013 Joseph B. Martin Conference Center Amphitheater  Symposium Title: Potentiating Immune Responses with Glycans Symposium Description: While a great...

PEG Speakers at NIH & FDA Glycosciences Research Day

Many PEG Members will be attending the annual NIH & FDA Glycosciences Research Day this Friday (5/10/13) at the Natcher Conference Center on campus at the NIH. Representatives from the CardioPEG have been selected to speak. Dr. Jian Du will be presenting a short poster talk at...

3 UCSD PEG Trainees Speak at Glycobiology Gordon Research Conference

This year's Gordon Research Seminar featured talks from three UCSD PEG Trainees, along with an award winning poster. Sharing their expertise with the conference attendees was Dr. Jerry Fong, Dr. Lingquan Deng and Dr. Flavio Schwarz. Dr. Fong was also the award winning recipient for his poster...

Trainee News: Job Announcement at Georgetown University

Hi Everyone, Please find a job announcement that went out to Dr. Marino's NIH mailing list below. Thought if might be of interest to some of you. Position available Goldman lab, Lombardi Cancer Center, Georgetown University, Washington DC. The Goldman laboratory is seeking a person with experience in analytical chemistry...

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HSPG Trainees Present at InterPEG

Trainees took part in the second annual Programs of Excellence in Glycosciences retreat at the Cleveland Research Clinic. April C. Joice/Karthik Raman, Rami Al-Horani and Prem Joseph each made an oral presentation. Several posters were also presented from our PEG.

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San Diego Cytometry Workshop Coming Soon

Register now for the San Diego Cytometry Workshop! When: May 15-17 2013 Where: Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA How:   Who can join: Anybody who wants to learn about flow cytometry!The First Flow Cytometry Workshop in San Diego, CA is organized to conduct wet labs to review theory and applications of flow cytometry in...

GCF Fellow Wins Post-doc Award.

GCF Fellow, Koen Raedschelders, won the US HUPO Post-doctoral poster award for his presentation "Potential Role of O-GlcNAc in Aortic Aneurysm: Preliminary Data on TGFb Signaling".

New protocols available for download!

The UCSD PEG Core Faculty have made 41 protocols available for download. Please visit our protocols page to download any of the following: Glycotechnology Core Resource 2-AB Labeling and Analysis of Glycans Analysis of Monosaccharides by HPAEC-PAD Analysis of N- and O-Glycans by MALDI-TOF Analysis of Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Sugar Nucleotides Analysis...

Coming Soon: New Edition of Essentials of Glycobiology

A new edition of Essentials of Glycobiology is to be drafted in collaboration with NCBI. The next edition is also planned to link up with emerging glycan databanks. Coordinated from UCSD, the book’s authoring involves many faculty in the various PEG units, and currently serves as...

Inter-PEG 2013 Affiliate Registration is open!

The Cleveland Clinic PEG is pleased to invite members of the scientific community to attend the 2nd annual Inter-PEG 2013 meeting! Seating is limited to 100 and provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please visit the Affiliate Information page for more details and to register!  

Inter-PEG 2013 Program Overview

Thursday, April 11, 2013 InterContinental Hotel and Conference Center Bank of America Amiphtheater   6:45 – 7:45          Continental Breakfast in lobby, InterContinental Hotel 7:45 – 7:55          Welcome, Opening Remarks and Announcements, Vincent Hascall, Cleveland Clinic 7:55 – 8:55          Dr....

HSPG PEG posts didactic lectures on YouTube

A series of didactic lectures on glycan chemistry and biology have been made available on YouTube. Lecture titles include: Carbohydrate-Protein Interactions 1 (Dr. Umesh Desai) Carbohydrate-Protein Interactions 2 (Dr. Umesh Desai) Structures of Carbohydrates 1 (Dr. Umesh Desai) Structures of Carbohydrates 2 (Dr. Umesh Desai) Structure of Proteoglycans and Glycosaminoglycans 1...

Trainee: Share a room at Inter-PEG 2013?

Please leave a comment to this post if you are interested in sharing a room at Inter-PEG 2013 in Cleveland, OH.

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Free Webinar on Glycosylation Available

The ABCs of Glycoproteins: How to Combine Analytics, Biology, and Chemistry to Improve Your Understanding of Glycosylation Broadcast Date: Friday, March 15, 2013 Time: 11 am ET, 8 am PT REGISTRATION IS FREE REGISTER NOW!   Many protein-based biopharmaceuticals are glycosylated proteins. The glycans themselves directly affect the efficacy and safety of the...

Schedule for Trainee Workshop during Inter-PEG 2013 is available

Inter PEG 2013 Trainee Workshop Friday, April 12, 2013 8:00 am – 12:20 pm Workshop location:  Lerner Research Institute (LRI), First Floor, Room NC1-202 LRI is a secured facility with NO PUBLIC ACCESS and is located across the street from the InterContinental Conference Center. To gain access to the building, everyone attending...

Trainee: Biobrea Launches Antibody Search Engine.

Biobrea recently launched an early version of an Antibody Search Engine ( They have 800,000+ antibody products, and are continuously adding more. All antibodies are supported by BioBrea curated citations in scientific publications. The site is completely free.

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Trainee: Database Resources

Trainees: Please see the following two web sites for some useful data:   Glyco-DC Databank   CAZypedia

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Availability Of The DAKO Inter-Alpha-Inhibitor Antibody

The Cleveland Clinic Shared Resources Core purchased bulk quantities of the DAKO Inter-Alpha-Inhibitor antibody (A0301) and is making it available to the greater glycoscience community. This antibody is useful for detecting a pathological alteration that happens to hyaluronan during inflammation. For a free sample, contact MARK LAUER...

Save the Date: Abstracts for NIH & FDA Glycosciences Day are due April 15!

Abstracts for NIH & FDA Glycosciences Day are due on April 15, 2013   6th Annual NIH & FDA Glycosciences Day May 10, 2013 Natcher Conference Center Bethesda, MD Short talks for the mini symposia will be selected from abstract submissions & Best poster honors will again be awarded.     Instructions for Abstract submissions: Abstract Format: Begin the abstract...

New Reagent Resources Available for Glycobiologists

NEW REAGENT RESOURCES FOR GLYCOBIOLOGISTS!! Challenges in mammalian glycobiology research: Most mammalian glycosyltransferases, glycosidases, and glycan modifying enzymes are difficult to express in bacteria Many require post-translational modifications, disulfide bonds, chaperones for folding and function Few are available in large quantities for enzymatic glycan synthesis, biochemical or structural studies...

Analytical Glycobiology Skills Development Training Workshop

What: Analytical Glycosciences Training Retreat Where: Athens, Georgia When: April 22-24 DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: 12-Mar-2013 The division of LID-PEG who call the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center their home, under the directorship of Mike Tiemeyer, is offering a 3-day Skills Development Training Course entitled "Analytical Glycobiology" from April 22 -...

LIDPEG Trainee awarded Fellow-In-Training (FIT) Abstract Award

Takumi Kiwamoto, MD, PhD, LIDPEG Skills Development Trainee, Project 1 under mentor Bruce Bochner, MD was awarded the Fellow-in-Training (FIT) Abstract Award within the MAAI (Mechanisms of Allergy Asthma and Immunology) interest section at the Annual AAAAI (American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology) Meeting,...

Japanese collaboration results in COPD Discovery

In collaboration with a Japanese research group the UCSD PEG researchers discover that the human loss of Siglec-14 reduces risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbation.  Their discovery has significant implications for prognosis and management of COPD. Their paper is currently in press: Angata, T., Ishii, T., Motegi, T.,...

CardioPEG Organizing Glycobiology Theme for ASBMB Meeting

Natasha Zachara and Lara Mahal will be co-organizing the "Frontiers in Glycobiology Theme" at the ASBMB Annual Meeting, San Diego 2014.

Trainee May H. Abdel Aziz Defends Work

May H. Abdel Aziz defended her work on “Kinetic, thermodynamic and mechanistic studies on allosteric thrombin inhibitors” for the award of Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Congratulations, May!

Inter-PEG 2013 Registration is now open!

Please be sure to register for the Inter-PEG 2013 meeting, the 2nd annual networking meeting of the Programs of Excellence in Glycosciences. If you are not a PEG Program member but are interested in attending, please contact Lisa Mooney at Meeting details are posted on the...

Trainee: ASCB is hiring

The American Society for Cell Biology is looking to hire a Science Writer and Program Coordinator for the National office. Could you forward the attached job description to the members of the Glycobiology Special Interest Subgroup.  Thanks for your help, let me know if you...

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New Course: Special Topics – Glycochemistry and Glycobiology

A new course began in January 2013 at VCU titled “Special Topics – Glycochemistry and Glycobiology.” Students enrolled in MEDC 691 will receive 1.0 credit. A downloadable PDF of the course  syllabus is available.

Trainee Masaya Yamaguchi secures Assistant Professor appointment!

PEG trainee Masaya Yamaguchi recently secured a tenure track Assistant Professor Position at Osaka University to begin 2014. Congrats, Masaya!

Society for Glycobiology (SFG) Symposium

Dr. James C. Paulson (LIDPEG) will Chair the Society for Glycobiology (SFG) Symposium: Glycan Recognition in Regulation of Innate and Adaptive Immunity at Immunology 2013. The session will take place on Sunday, May 5, 2013. For more information please visit the Immunology 2013 website.

2013 Chemistry and Biology of Heparan Sulfate PEG Training Camp

The second annual training camp of the Chemistry and Biology of Heparan Sulfate PEG was held between Jan. 7 and 11 at the Institute for Structural Biology and Drug Discovery, VCU. Didactic sessions were organized in the morning and hands-on training sessions were arranged for...

UCSD PEG Trainees Attend NextGen Seminar

In conjunction with the San Diego Glycobiology Symposium, UCSD PEG Trainees participated in the 1st Annual NextGen seminar on January 10. The seminar, modeled after the Gordon Research Seminar Series, provided a mechanism for students and fellows with interest in the glycosciences to discuss their current research in...

Dr. Jerry Fong selected to present at Gordon Research Seminar on Glycobiology

Dr. Jerry Fong was selected to present a talk at the upcoming Glycobiology Gordon-Merck Research Seminar on March 2, 2013 preceding the Glycobiology Gordon Research Conference in Ventura, CA. His talk is titled "Regulation of Innate Immunity by the Paired Receptors Siglec-5 and Siglec-14".

NAS Write-up in Glyco-Forum

Dr. Jerry Hart,  Executive PI for the CardioPEG, composed a 1-page write-up of the recent National Academy Report on Glycosciences for the Glyco-Forum section in the Glycobiology journal entitled: "National Academy Report Concludes that Major Investiments in Glycoscience Are Required to Advance Medicine and to Ensure...

Glycobiology SIG Course

Register Now! Course title: Special Topics in the Glycosciences: Emerging Paradigms and Enabling Technologies (this course is taught at NIH by members of the Glycobiology SIG) ** This course will NOT be webcast**  Term: begins February 8, 2013 Time: sessions are from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. on Friday’s Format: There will be...

2012 GCF Fellow Named

This year's GCF Fellow is Albert Lee, from Natasha Zachara's Laboratory, who will investigate the role of O-GlcNAc regulated arginine methylation in survival signaling.

PEG Program Well Represented at 2012 ASMB/SFG Meeting.

Trainees and PI's from several different branches of the PEG Program participated in the 2012 ASMB/SFG Joint Conference in San Diego from November 11 - 13. A complete rundown of participants, speakers, presenters and the sessions in which they participated is below: Sunday, November 11 SFG Guest Symposium...

Dr. Desai to Speak at CADD-2012

Dr. Desai will present a talk at the International Conference on Computer Aided Drug Design & QSAR (CADD-2012), Chicago, IL taking place on October 29 - Octerber 31. The topic of his discussion will be on “Specificity of Heparin/Heparan Sulfate Binding to Proteins”.

HSPG Presents at 12th Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Ms. Yingzi Jin and Drs. Desai and Yadavalli will present a talk at the 12th annual meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Pittsburgh, PA. taking place October 28 - November 2. The focus of their discussion will be on “Receptor-ligand interactions of thrombin...

Core C has synthesized sialoglycans and functionalized sialoglycosides, many of which are available for delivery now

LIDPEG Core C has synthesized sialoglycans and functionalized sialoglycosides available to LIDPEG projects, other PEGs and the glycoscience community. Interested Investigators should contact Dr. Corwin Nycholat, Director, Core C for more information about access to these materials.

Special Topics – Glycochemistry and Glycobiology (MED 691)

A new course was created in January 2013 at Virginia Commonwealth University titled "Special Topics - Glycochemistry and Glycobiology". Students enrolled in MED691 receive 1.0 credit. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will present fundamental and applied principles of glycochemistry and glycobiology to students of the PharmD and MS/PhD programs. The...

Visting Scholar: Dick Heinegard, MD, PhD

October 29-30, 2012 Dick Heinegard, MD, PhD Senior Professor Department of Clinical Sciences Lund University Talk Title:  Cartilage matrix molecules and their fragments in tissue homeostasis Abstract: Molecular markers for cartilage metabolism have been studied over many years.  Assays have been developed for a variety of molecules such as aggrecan, collagen and...

CardioPEG Research hits AHA's top 10

Pingbo Zhang’s (Project 3, Core C1) work was named on of the Top 10 research advances for 2012, by the American Heart Association, Functional Genomic and Translational Biology Council. Zhang P, Ji W, dos Remedios CG, Kirk JA, Kass DA, Van Eyk JE*, Murphy AM* (*equal),...

Visting Scholar: Anthony Day, PhD

October 1-2, 2012 Anthony Day, PhD Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences Member, Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research University of Manchester, UK

Planning for Training Camp at Virginia Commonwealth University

The HSPG-PEG Program Faculty has begun planning and coordination of the 2nd Annual HSPG-PEG Training camp to be on January 7-11, 2013 at Virginia Commonwealth University. Jan 2013 Training Camp Schedule  

Dr. Rajarathnam Receives NIH Grant

Dr. Rajarathnam received an NIH R21 grant for studying a novel chemokine called CXCL17.  Structurally, it is an unusual chemokine, and it is anticipated that it’s GAG binding properties will also be novel.

Rajarathnam Lab Welcomes New PEG Trainees

Mr. Aaron Brown, a graduate student, has joined Dr. Rajarathnam as a PEG trainee. Aaron did his undergraduate studies in Physics from Oregon State. In Dr. Rajarathnam’s lab, he will study the structural basis of GAG binding to chemokine heterodimers using NMR methods. Additionally, Dr. Amit...

Congratulations to Shuang Yang (Project 4, Core C1)

Congratulations so Shuang Yang (Project 4, Core C1), who was award third prize in at the 11th World Conference of HUPO for his presentation “Glycomics analysis using chemical immobilization of glycans, solid-phase glycan modifications, and tandem mass spectrometry”.

Current Literature begins on Friday, 9/14/12

Current Literature in Glycobiology (MED 246/BIOM 246/CMM 246) OFFERED: Fall, Winter, Spring Quarters, Fridays, 12:00-1:00 PM Current Literature in Glycobiology is a one-credit elective that provides a forum for informally discussing current papers in glycobiology research. Topics include glycan chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, and molecular biology in...

CardioPEG External Advisory Committee Announced

We are pleased to announce that we have recruited three outstanding scientists to join the CardioPEG External Advisory Committee. The goal of this committee is to assess our progress and accomplishments, and to provide constructive criticism to ensure our research is of the highest quality. Anne Dell...

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Dr. Hart to brief NIGMS Advisory Council

Gerald Hart, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a member of the committee that prepared the report, will brief the NIGMS Advisory Council of its findings at its September meeting. NAS staff involved in developing the report will also be in attendance to respond...

Visting Scholars: Raija Tammi, MD, PhD, and Markku Tammi, MD, PhD

  August 23-24, 2012  Raija Tammi, MD, PhD Professor Dept. of Anatomy & Cell Biology University of Eastern Finland Talk Title:  Epithelial HA in inflammation and cancer And Markku Tammi, MD, PhD Professor Dept. of Anatomy Kuopio University Talk Title:  Hyaluronan synthesis in cancer Abstract: Research on the role of hyaluronan in the differentiation of skin epidermis was started...

Molecular Modeling Specialist, Dr. Aurijit Sarkar, joins Desai Lab

Dr. Aurijit Sarkar, a molecular modeling specialist from Dr. Brenk’s group at University of Dundee, UK, has joined the laboratory of Dr. Desai as a PEG trainee. He will work on developing glycosaminoglycans as therapeutic agents. Welcome Aurijit!

Dr. Desai Invited as Chair of Drug Discovery and Therapy Congress.

Dr. Desai has been invited to chair the cardiovascular track of the Drug Discovery and Therapy Congress 2013. The Congress will convene in Boston and will host numerous tracks in addition to cardiovascular division.

PEG Trainee to Join Curtin University Faculty, Continue as Collaborator

Dr. Neha Gandhi, a trainee in the Desai laboratory, has joined Curtin University, Australia as a faculty member. She will pursue molecular modeling of glycosaminoglycans! She plans to collaborate with the Desai group. Congratulations Neha! We wish you the very best!!

Dr. Balagurunathan to Contribute to Publication

Dr. Balagurunathan was invited to edit a volume of glycosaminoglcyans by Methods in Molecular Biology. The volume is slated to be published in late 2013 – early 2014. Congratulations Dr. Balagurunathan!

Dr. Rami Al-Horani Receives Grant from AHA

Dr. Rami Al-Horani, a trainee in Dr. Desai’s laboratory, received a two-year American Heart Association postdoctoral fellowship to develop ‘Non-Heparin, Sulfated, Readily Synthesized, Allosteric Direct Factor XIa Inhibitors as Potentially Safe Anticoagulants.’ Congratulations Rami!  

Multiple Accolades at 2012 Gordon Research Seminar

Several members from HSPG PEG attended the 2012 Gordon Research Conference on Proteoglycans, representing the program with multiple accolades. A rundown on the presenters and awards is below:   - Ms. Yingzi Jin, a PEG trainee in the laboratory of Dr. Desai, presented a poster titled “Protein-ligand...

Trainees Receive Outstanding Presentation Awards

HSPG-PEG trainees, Ms. Caitlin Mencio (Project I) and Dr. Nehru Viji S. (Project II) were awarded Outstanding Presentation Awards at the Gordon Research Seminar in Andover, NH.

Visting Scholar: Peter D.R. Higgins, MD, PhD

June 18, 2012 Peter D.R. Higgins, MD, PhD Assistant Professor Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Internal Medicine University of Michigan Talk Title:  Intestinal Fibrosis in Crohn’s Disease:  Mechanisms, Monitoring and Treatment

PEG Leaders Participate in NIH/FDA Glycosciences Research Day

Several members of the PEG Steering Committee participated in this month's NIH/FDA Glycosciences Research Day. Pictured below: Dr. C. Allen Bush, Steve Fernandes, Anabel Gonzalez, Dr. Rita Sarkar, Dr. Ronald Schnaar, Dr. Micheal Tiemeyer, Dr. Yadong Wei, Dr. Huifeng Yu.

Dr. Van Eyk receives Excellence in Mentoring Award

Jenny Van Eyk (Project 3, Core C1) was one of five recipients of the prestigious David M Levine Excellence in Mentoring Award. Press Release on the NHLBI Proteomics Center Website.

Mr. Karthik Raman (Project 1) is awarded NCI pre-doctoral fellowship

Mr. Karthik Raman (Project 1) was awarded an NCI pre-doctoral fellowship to understand the role of GAGs in gliomas and develop GAG-based approaches to regulate blood vessel formation.

Visiting Scholar: Warren Knudson, PhD & Cheryl B. Knudson, PhD

May 21, 2012 Warren Knudson, PhD Professor Dept. of Anatomy and Cell Biology Talk Title:  Strategies to Alter Hyaluronan Metabolism in Cartilage & Cheryl B. Knudson, PhD Professor and Chair Dept. of Anatomy and Cell Biology East Carolina University Talk Title:  Hyaluronan Promotes the Response to BMP-7 by Chondrocytes

Visiting Scholar: Robert J. Linhardt, PhD

May 21-22, 2012 Robert J. Linhardt, PhD Ann and John Broadbent, Jr., ’59 Senior Constellation Chair in Biocatalysis and Metabolic Engineering Talk Title:  Recent Advances in the Synthesis and Sequencing of Glycosamnioglycans Abstract: Recent advances in glycosaminoglycan synthesis includes the controlled application of fermentation technology, molecular biology, applied enzymology and metabolic...

Visiting Scholar: Stefan Lohmander, MD, PhD

May 17-18, 2012 Stefan Lohmander, MD, PhD Director, Senior Professor, Department of Orthopaedics Lund University Talk Title:  Osteoarthritis Cell & Matrix Pathology

Congratulations to Srona Sengulta - William D. McElroy Award

Congratulations to Srona Sengulta, who won the William D. McElroy Award (JHU Department of biology) for her undergraduate research "O-GlcNAc, A Novel Paradigm for Regulating Stress-Induced Signal Transduction Pathways".    

Project 5 files US Patent Application - 61/643932

Dr. Subroto Chatterjee (Project 5) filed a patent application titled "Compositions and Methods for treating Cardiac hypertrophy." The file date was May 8,2012.  File# 3 61/643932.

Visting Scholar: Thomas N. Wight, PhD

May 7-8, 2012 Thomas N. Wight, PhD Director, Hope Hart Matrix Biology Program Benaroya Research Institute Seattle, Washington Talk Title:  Targeting Versican in the Extracellular Matrix and the Control of Inflammation Abstract:  During inflammation, leukocytes invade tissues and interact with specific components of the extracellular matrix (ECM) which, in turn, influence their phenotype....

Chemistry and Biology of Heparan Sulfate Training Camp Held

The 1st five-day training camp of the program project was held at University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT from April 30 to May 4. The camp covered structure and function of neutral and acidic glycans and helped prepare trainees and interested students on studying...

Congratulations to Roger Henry ~ PURA Award to Investigate

Congratulations to Roger Henry (Project 2) who was awarded a PURA Award to investigate: The Sweet Side of Cell Survival: A Model of O-GlcNAc Mediated Apoptosis Inhibition.

New Glycoscience Courses Being Offered at University of Utah

Dr. Balagurunathan, the PI of Project I, has developed three advanced graduate level courses for exposing students to glycosciences at the Univ. of Utah. These include 1) MDCH 7962 "Advanced Topics in GlycoChemistry"; 2) MDCH 7964 "Advanced Topics in Glycobiology and Glycomedicine" and 3) MDCH...

JHMI Post-doc Guanghui Han Presents at ASBMB Conference

Dr. Guanghui Han with his poster at ASBMB representing the CardioPEG.

Training Camp at University of Utah - April 30, 2012 to May 4, 2012

Camp Participants: The Camp enrolled 19 trainees including 4 scientists, 7 postdocs, and 8 graduate students. The names students and postdocs trained are listed below. In addition, 4 students/postdocs from the University of Utah attended the didactic sessions. Camp Organization The philosophy of the camp was to train...

Dr. Sawant Presents at Institute of Human Infections and Immunity/McLaughlin

Dr. Sawant, a PEG trainee in Rajarathnam’s lab, presented a poster titled ‘Chemokine CXCL1 monomer and dimer act cooperatively to recruit neutrophil-Insights From Animal Models and Relevance for Human Inflammatory Diseases’ at Institute of Human Infections and Immunity/McLaughlin Colloquium at Galveston, Texas.

Dr. Joseph Presents at 17th Annual Sealy Center for Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Symposium

Dr. Joseph, a PEG trainee in Rajarathnam’s lab, presented a poster titled “Structural Characterization of Interleukin‐8 Monomer and Dimer Interactions with Glycosaminoglycans: Implications for in vivo Neutrophil Recruitment” at the 17th Annual Sealy Center for Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Symposium, Galveston TX.

Congratulations to Srona Sengulta - ASBMB Poster Award

Congratulations to Srona Sengulta, who won the Undergrduate Student Poster Award and the "best poster in the Glycobiology Theme" at this years ASBMB for her work "O-GlcNAc, A Novel Paradigm for Regulating Stress-Induced Signal Transduction Pathways".

HSPG Program Faculty present at 15th Annual San Diego Glycobiology Symposium

Dr. Philip Mosier, the co-director of Computational Core, and Drs. Krishnasamy, Kellogg and Desai presented a poster titled “Specificity of heparin interaction arises from subtle, but distinct, differences in binding site topography” at the 15th Annual San Diego Glycobiology Symposium (SDGS), San Diego, CA.

LIDPEG-TSRI Training Workshop

The LIDPEG group designed and delivered a 3-day training retreat at The Scripps Research Institute. Workshop TItle: Glycan Synthesis, Microarray & Cell Targeting. Attendees form all LID-PEG components and other PEG's across the country. Link to LIDPEG website for lecture slides and protocols used. Module 1: Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of...

2012 Glyco-Cardio Post-Doctoral Fellow Announced

The 2012 Glyco-Cardio Post-Doctoral Fellow is Dr. Raedschelders, from Jenny Van Eyk’s Lab, who will "Investigate Maladaptive O-Glycosylation Signaling in Aortic Aneurysm”.

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KTEP NPR Member station interviews C. Allen Bush

KTEP NPR member station in El Paso talks to Allen Bush on the roles that carbohydrates bacterial infections Keith & Russ talk to C. Allen Bush, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Bush studies carbohydrates, and in this program he’ll explain how carbohydrates are...

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Essentials of Glycobioloy 2nd Edition Free Online

The Essentials of Glycobiology textbook is free online. Full text and teaching slides included.  Please visit the Textbook website for Open Access.

Protocol for fractionating frozen cells into nuclear and cytoplasmic fractions

Nuclear&CytoplasmicFractionation - Protocol for fractionating frozen cells into nuclear and cytoplasmic fractions

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Glycans enter mainstream of biomedicine - July 25, 2011

UC San Diego leads a new national program to further development of science in glycobiology. Scientists at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine have received a major seven-year, $18 million grant to begin translating emerging discoveries in the field of glycosciences into new...

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Dr. Joseph presents at Gulf Coast Consortium of Magnetic Resonance Conference

Dr. Joseph, a PEG trainee in Rajarathnam’s lab, presented a talk titled “Structural Characterization of Interleukin‐8 Monomer and Dimer Interactions with Glycosaminoglycans: Implications for in vivo Neutrophil Recruitment” at the John S. Dunn, SR. Gulf Coast Consortium of Magnetic Resonance Conference, Houston, TX.

International Conference on Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Desai presented a talk at the International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, Baltimore, MD on “Fingerprinting Low Molecular Weight Heparins for Regulating Quality and Equivalence”.

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