A strength of the Lung Inflammatory Disease Program of Excellence in Glycosciences (LID‐PEG) is that it spans three major sites of glycobiology research in the US: The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD), The Scripps Research Institute (San Diego, CA) and the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, University of Georgia (Athens, GA). Furthermore, the Project Directors span four major disciplines of glycobiology research – Synthetic Glycobiology, Analytical Glycobiology, Glycan Expression and Biochemistry, and Translational Glycobiology. These strengths will provide diverse, strong and lasting training and career development to Glycosciences Skills Trainees. A highlight of our training will be the “Annual Skills Development Retreats” that will rotate among the three LID‐PEG sites.

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Site-specific courses in glycobiology

Skills Development Trainees will enroll in site‐specific courses in the fundamentals of glycobiology. These opportunities will include “Essentials of Glycobiology” (at UCSD for trainees at Scripps), “Glycobiology” (at University of Georgia for trainees at the CCRC) and a newly created graduate‐level series of courses on Glycobiology directed by Drs. Schnaar, Zachara, and Hart at Johns Hopkins. All courses are open to graduate and post-doctoral trainees at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine contingent only on space available.
Course Listings:
Introduction to Glycobiology (330:712)
Fundamentals in Glycobiology (340.709)
Techniques in Glycobiology (340.710)
Chemistry-Biology Interface (AS.030.619)
Molecular Structure & Analysis (ME.100.709)

Annual Skills Development Retreats

Each year all Skills Development Trainees will travel to one of the three Program sites (in rotation) for hands‐on training. This will provide specialized experiences in glycoconjugate purification, analysis, chemistry and function. In addition, it will provide opportunities for every trainee to visit and network with glycoscientists at three of the major glycobiology centers in the US. The CCRC (Athens, GA) has well‐established advanced handson courses well suited as Glycoscience Skills Development Training Retreats. Two of these courses are of particular interest to the training goals of the LID‐PEG: Separation and characterization of glycoprotein and glycolipid oligosaccharides (a 5‐day course) and Mass Spectrometry of Glycoproteins (a 2‐day course). Training Retreats at Scripps will emphasize chemoenzymatic synthesis and glycan array screening. Two course modules are planned to provide experience in glycan synthesis and array production/analysis. Training Retreat components at Johns Hopkins will focus on human immune cell glycobiology. Lecture/discussion sessions and hands‐on training are planned. A special session on lung inflammatory disease animal models, specific for this LID‐PEG, will be included.

LIDPEG Training Retreats Overview
Glycan Synthesis, Microarray & Cell Targeting Workshop – Slides & Protocols
Trachea Isolation, Lung Epithelium Cell Culture & Lung Tissue Immunohistochemistry – Slides, Videos & Protocols

Enrichment and networking opportunities

Each site provides expanded opportunities for informal glycoscience training through specialized glycobiology seminar series and local or regional glycobiology interest groups. In addition, all trainees will attend the annual Society for Glycobiology meeting, the Glycobiology Gordon Conference, or other international or specialized meetings in the glycosciences.
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