US Patent issued to Dr. Desai’s group

Desai, U. R.; Henry, B. L.; Liang, A.; Thakkar, J. N.; Mangrum, J. B.; Torres Filho, I.; Spiess, B. D.; Saluja, B.; Sakagami, M. Cinnamic acid-based oligomers and uses thereof – Divisional 1. United States Patent, US 8,613,909 issued December … Continued

2013 Drug Discovery and Therapy World Congress Features Multiple HSPG Presenters.

This year’s Drug Discovery and Therapy World Congress in Boston prominently featured lectures and presentations from multiple HSPG PEG faculty and trainees. Participation in this year’s seminar is as follows:   Umesh Desai, Ph.D., organized the cardiovascular track. Umesh Desai, … Continued

HSPG-PEG Website available now

The HSPG-PEG local website is now live.  Be sure to check out their News & Events on the homepage!

HSPG Trainees Present at InterPEG

Trainees took part in the second annual Programs of Excellence in Glycosciences retreat at the Cleveland Research Clinic. April C. Joice/Karthik Raman, Rami Al-Horani and Prem Joseph each made an oral presentation. Several posters were also presented from our PEG.

HSPG PEG posts didactic lectures on YouTube

A series of didactic lectures on glycan chemistry and biology have been made available on YouTube. Lecture titles include: Carbohydrate-Protein Interactions 1 (Dr. Umesh Desai) Carbohydrate-Protein Interactions 2 (Dr. Umesh Desai) Structures of Carbohydrates 1 (Dr. Umesh Desai) Structures of … Continued

Trainee May H. Abdel Aziz Defends Work

May H. Abdel Aziz defended her work on “Kinetic, thermodynamic and mechanistic studies on allosteric thrombin inhibitors” for the award of Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Congratulations, May!

New Course: Special Topics – Glycochemistry and Glycobiology

A new course began in January 2013 at VCU titled “Special Topics – Glycochemistry and Glycobiology.” Students enrolled in MEDC 691 will receive 1.0 credit. A downloadable PDF of the course  syllabus is available.

2013 Chemistry and Biology of Heparan Sulfate PEG Training Camp

The second annual training camp of the Chemistry and Biology of Heparan Sulfate PEG was held between Jan. 7 and 11 at the Institute for Structural Biology and Drug Discovery, VCU. Didactic sessions were organized in the morning and hands-on … Continued

Dr. Desai to Speak at CADD-2012

Dr. Desai will present a talk at the International Conference on Computer Aided Drug Design & QSAR (CADD-2012), Chicago, IL taking place on October 29 – Octerber 31. The topic of his discussion will be on “Specificity of Heparin/Heparan Sulfate Binding … Continued

HSPG Presents at 12th Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Ms. Yingzi Jin and Drs. Desai and Yadavalli will present a talk at the 12th annual meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Pittsburgh, PA. taking place October 28 – November 2. The focus of their discussion will … Continued