New Glycoscience Courses Being Offered at University of Utah

Dr. Balagurunathan, the PI of Project I, has developed three advanced graduate level courses for exposing students to glycosciences at the Univ. of Utah. These include 1) MDCH 7962 “Advanced Topics in GlycoChemistry”; 2) MDCH 7964 “Advanced Topics in Glycobiology and Glycomedicine” and 3) MDCH 7963 “Advanced Topics in Glycoanalysis”.

These three courses together constitute a tour de force for graduate students, health science students and post-doctoral fellows who would like to expand their knowledge of glycoscience at the intersection of chemistry and biology with the final goal of translating their findings to clinically usable glycan-based therapeutic agents.

Each of these unique courses involves didactic lecture component. Furthermore, enrollees are expected to solve take home exams, write NIH-style pre- or post-doctoral fellowship application and present the proposal.

The lectures/topics comprising these courses are as below:


MDCH 7962 “Advanced Topics in GlycoChemistry”

  1. Monosaccharides and oligosaccharide Structures
  2. Protecting groups for carbohydrate synthesis
  3. Synthesis of functionalized sugars I
  4. Synthesis of functionalized sugars II
  5. Strategies for oligosaccharide synthesis I
  6. Strategies for oligosaccharide synthesis II
  7. Synthesis of aminoglycosides
  8. Synthesis of Sialoglycosides
  9. One-pot glycosylation
  10. Solid phase oligosaccharide synthesis
  11. Enzymes in oligosaccharide synthesis
  12. Synthesis of N- and O-linked glycopeptides
  13. Synthesis of glycosidase/glycosyl transferase Inhibitors
  14. Seminar Presentation (2 weeks)


MDCH 7963 “Advanced Topics in Glycoanalysis”

  1. Chromatography of carbohydrates (2 weeks)
  2. Analysis of glycan constituents
  3. Isolation/release of glycans of biological origin
  4. Labeling of glycans to improve detection limits
  5. Compositional analysis of glycosaminoglycans
  6. Mass spectrometric analysis of glycans
  7. Mass spectrometric analysis of glycosaminoglycans
  8. NMR analysis of glycans
  9. Electrophoretic analysis of glycans
  10. Sequence analysis of glycans
  11. Analysis of glycan-protein interactions (2 weeks)
  12. Seminar Presentation (2 weeks)


MDCH 7964 “Advanced Topics in Glycobiology and Glycomedicine”

  1. Overview of Glycans – Structures and functions
  2. Glycans – Biosynthesis
  3. Glycans in Embryogenesis and Morphogenesis
  4. Glycans in Stem Cells and Differentiation
  5. Early childhood diseases caused by aberrant glycans
  6. Roles of glycans in the heart and lungs
  7. Roles of glycans in vascular diseases
  8. Glycans in cell growth and apoptosis
  9. Vascular, Cerebral, and Tissue aging, glycans in senescence
  10. Diabetes, Arthritis, and Inflammation – role of glycans
  11. Errors in glycan biosynthetic and metabolic enzymes
  12. Glycan-based Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering
  13. Glycans and Glycoconjugates in Medicine
  14. Seminar Presentation (2 weeks)