Hyaluronan Matrices in Vascular Pathologies
Program plans are to train 4-5 scientist participants per year on glycoscience topics impacting on heart, lung, and blood research. A unique focus of this training program will explore the physiological roles of hyaluronan and proteoglycans.


Formal didactic course

PEG participants will attend a 2 h lecture/journal club every other week separated into two interactive parts. The first part consists of a 45 min faculty lecture delineating the principles behind selected glycoscience topics including the technologies used in glycosaminoglycan and proteoglycan research followed by 15 min for participant discussion. This lecture will be followed by a 60 min journal club facilitated by a faculty member whereby each student will present a 10 min summary of a pre-selected important article in glycoscience research. We plan on completing the entire curriculum over a two year period and will repeat the entire course every 2 years. Other students and postdoctoral fellows at the Cleveland Clinic may participate in the lecture and journal club sessions, and we welcome this opportunity to disseminate glycoscience education more broadly.  Downloadable Course Syllabus.

Lecture Slides:
Complex Carbohydrate Seminar on 06/25/12
Extraction of Proteoglycans (PGs) and Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) from cells and tissues on 07/09/12
Isolation & Purification of Proteoglycans (PGs) and Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) on 07/23/12
Glycosaminoglycan (GAGs) Structural Analysis Lecture on 08/13/12

Resources Core Training

PEG participants will be expected to schedule training time with the Glycosciences Shared Resources Core. They will observe Resources Core personnel running assays used in glycosaminoglycan and proteoglycan research, and then they will run these same tests with their own hands under the guidance of Resources Core personnel. In addition, each PEG participant will be given a detailed step-by-step instruction manual for all shared resource core techniques that they will keep after completion of their training sessions. The goal of these sessions is to enable PEG participants to perform these tests independently and be knowledgeable enough to demonstrate these procedures to other personnel in their individual laboratories.

Formal Workshop Training

PEG participants will obtain hands on training in a formal workshop course on the “Analytical techniques for structure analysis of glycosaminoglycans” which is held every August at the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia). PEG participants can also apply for training in additional glycoscience workshops in following years offered at UGA after they have completed the glycosaminoglycan workshop during their first year of training.

Visting Scholar Program

PEG participants will host a Visiting Glycosciences Scholar at the Cleveland Clinic three times per year. One of these slots will be filled by inviting faculty members from the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center at UGA to visit the Cleveland Clinic over a 2 day period to meet with PEG participants, Project Leaders, Core Directors and the Program Director. The other two slots will be filled by inviting world renowned faculty from outside universities (particularly other PEG funded programs) to visit the Cleveland Clinic over a 2 day period to meet with PEG participants, Project Leaders, Core Directors and the Program Director on an annual basis.

Please visit our News section for details on each Visiting Scholar.