Three Investigators to Participate in Glycobiology Workshop

July, 2015
Three investigators from the Cleveland Clinic PEG (Drs. Vincent Hascall, Ron Midura, and Mark Lauer) traveled to the Cardio-PEG at Johns Hopkins University to participate in a 2-week long Glycobiology Workshop hosted by Drs. Jerry Hart and Natasha Zachara. On Tuesday July 28th, Dr. Lauer set up a half-day hands-on workshop to demonstrate a technology for analyzing glycosaminoglycan structure known as Fluorophore-Assisted Carbohydrate Electrophoresis (FACE). Dr. Midura provided a morning lecture covering the underlying principles of FACE analysis of glycosaminoglycans. Dr. Hascall gave an evening keynote lecture on the roles of hyaluronan in diabetes pathology and stem cell differentiation.