Our PEG is unique in that we not only will provide a very extensive and comprehensive training experience locally, but will also put all lectures, laboratory manuals and other materials on the web for use by the national community. Any PEG member or member of the community is welcome to take the didactic portions of the courses. As long as space allows, we will also be happy to allow other PEG members fellows to take the lab course.

Link to CardioPEG website

Formal intensive didactic course

Introduction to Glycobiology (330:712) – 2012 Slides2013 Slides & Video
Fundamentals in Glycobiology (340.709) – Notes, slides & video
Techniques in Glycobiology (340.710) – to begin August 2013

GlycoCardioBiologist” (GCB) Fellow

In our efforts to promote young people entering the field of glycosciences, we will establish a postdoctoral fellowship program that will encourage postdoctoral fellows from non‐glycobiology cardiology laboratories to collaborate with one of the members of the PEG’s laboratories. One GCB Fellow will be selected annually with up to 3-years of support from the PEG. The GCB Fellow program will further solidify interactions between our glycoscientists and clinical cardiac researchers.