Trainee awards at Inter-PEG 2014

Congratulations to CarioPEG fellows Marissa Martinez, Ph.D. and Christine Jelinek who won awards for their Poster and Oral presentions at the Inter-PEG meeting.

Christine Amuzie awarded supplemental training grant for 2013-2015

Christine Amuzie was awarded supplemental training grant by NIH/NHLBI for 2013-2015. The award will support her predoctoral research, “An Exploration of the Role of lyso-Glycosphingolipids in Atherosclerosis”.

Puchong Thirawatananond received a 2013-2014 Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award (PUNA)

Congratulations to Puchong Thirawatananond who received a 2013-2014 Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award to study the molecular changes in the murine renal system in response to a high fat and cholesterol diet.

Techniques in Glycobiology begins in two weeks!

The CardioPEG faculty will be hosting the course Techniques in Glycobiology (340.710), which will begin on August 19th.  This is one of the most comprehensive lab course of its kind in the field of glycosciences. As the course progresses teaching … Continued

Patent Application: Worldwide patent filed by Dr. Subroto Chatterjee.

On May 3, 2013, Dr. Chatterjee filed for a patent on the use of glycosyltransferase inhibitors to ameliorate cardiac hypertrophy. The patent is currently in the national phase.

GCF Fellow Wins Post-doc Award.

GCF Fellow, Koen Raedschelders, won the US HUPO Post-doctoral poster award for his presentation “Potential Role of O-GlcNAc in Aortic Aneurysm: Preliminary Data on TGFb Signaling”.

CardioPEG Organizing Glycobiology Theme for ASBMB Meeting

Natasha Zachara and Lara Mahal will be co-organizing the “Frontiers in Glycobiology Theme” at the ASBMB Annual Meeting, San Diego 2014.

2012 GCF Fellow Named

This year’s GCF Fellow is Albert Lee, from Natasha Zachara’s Laboratory, who will investigate the role of O-GlcNAc regulated arginine methylation in survival signaling.

CardioPEG Research hits AHA’s top 10

Pingbo Zhang’s (Project 3, Core C1) work was named on of the Top 10 research advances for 2012, by the American Heart Association, Functional Genomic and Translational Biology Council. Zhang P, Ji W, dos Remedios CG, Kirk JA, Kass DA, … Continued

Congratulations to Shuang Yang (Project 4, Core C1)

Congratulations so Shuang Yang (Project 4, Core C1), who was award third prize in at the 11th World Conference of HUPO for his presentation “Glycomics analysis using chemical immobilization of glycans, solid-phase glycan modifications, and tandem mass spectrometry”.