Tools to MSn Sequence and Document the Structures of Glycan Epitopes

Zhang H, Ashline DJ, Reinhold VN. Discov Subtleties Sugars (2013). 2014 Dec 22;2013:117-131. PMID: 27110600

Sequential disassembly (MSn) has been applied to fully characterise and document native samples containing glycan epitopes with their synthetic analogues. Both sample types were prepared by methylation, solvent phase extracted, directly infused and spatially resolved. Product ions of all samples were compiled and contrasted using management tools prepared for the fragment ion library. Each of the epitopes was further disassembled to confirm the multiple structural isomers probable within component substructures of linkage and branching. All native samples tested proved to be matched with their synthetic analogues and reasonably identical on either linear or cylindrical ion traps. Not surprisingly, spectra of mixed epitopes fragment independently, being uninfluenced by similarities. The approach has been coupled with computational tools for data handling and presentation.