Renata Grozovsky receives Mary Rodes Gibson Memorial Award in Hemostasis and Thrombosis at ASH!

The work entitled: “The Ashwell-Morell receptor regulates hepatic thrombopoietin production via JAK2-STAT3 signaling” be Grozovsky et al. has been presented as a plenary lecture by Dr. Renata Grozovsky at the 2014 American Society of Hematology meeting and has been published in Nature … Continued

Registration open for Charles Warren Tutorial 2013

The BWH/Harvard PEG Shared Resources Core is hosting the Charles Warren Tutorial 2013 at the University of New Hampshire Glycomics Center from July 17th – July 20th. A tentative schedule, registration information and a pdf flyer are available online. The … Continued

BWH/Harvard PEG collaborates in launching European Science Foundation Euroglycoforum Lecture Series

Drs. Robert Sackstein and Joseph Lau presented lectures in the Glycobiology & Glycochemistry e-learning course sponsored by the European Science Foundation Euroglycoforum.  The lecture videos are currently available for online viewing and the slides are available via pdf download. In Fall 2013 the course … Continued

BWH/Harvard PEG lectures on YouTube

A series of didactic lectures have been made available on YouTube by the BWH/Harvard PEG. Glycosyltransferase-Programmed Stereosubstitution (GPS): Directing Cell Migration via Translational Glycobiology (Dr. Robert Sackstein) Sackstein Lecture Slides  Lecture Video Part 1 Lecture Video Part 2 Lecture Video Part 3 … Continued

Clinical Trial to be launched

The BWH/Harvard PEG Program is coordinating the launch of a clinical trial for the use of sialidase inhibitors to prevent platelet clearance and to inhibit bacterial proliferation, with intent to broaden the transfusion applicability of longer-storage platelet products.

Projects 1 and 3 – US Patent application filed – PCT/US2012/38462

Projects 1 and 3 submitted U.S. PCT Application: PCT/US2012/38462 titled “Improved Platelet Storage Using a Sialidase Inhibitor”

Projects 1 and 3 – US Patent Application filed

Projects 1 and 3 submitted U.S. Patent Application: 61/710,273 titled “Platelet Additive Solution Having a Galactosidase inhibitor and a Sialidase Inhibitor”.

Project 2 – US Patent application filed

Project 2 submitted U.S. PCT Application: PCT/US2012/043966 titled “ST6gal I Mediated Modulation of Hematopoiesis”

UNH-Glycomics Center hosts a training retreat

The BWH/Harvard PEG organized a one-day course at the UNH-Glycomics Center, which included a didactic session built in with hands-on demonstrations of available technologies for glycan analysis. Dr. Rheinhold’s slides are available for download UNH Glycomics Center Retreat Slides.

Project 1 & 3 – US Patent application filed – 13/474,679

Projects 1 and 3 submitted U.S. Patent Application: 13/474,679 titled “Platelet Additive Solution Having a Sialidase Inhibitor”