BWH/Harvard PEG collaborates in launching European Science Foundation Euroglycoforum Lecture Series

Drs. Robert Sackstein and Joseph Lau presented lectures in the Glycobiology & Glycochemistry e-learning course sponsored by the European Science Foundation Euroglycoforum.  The lecture videos are currently available for online viewing and the slides are available via pdf download.

In Fall 2013 the course will be offered for credit via certification provided by the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Nova University of Lisbon.  If you are interested in learning how to obtain credit please contact Dr. Paula Videira at “” or the post-graduate office “”

Lectures currently available online include:

  • NMR and molecular recognition (Dr. Barbero)
  • Biosynthesis of Glycans: Focus on the large glycosyltransferase family (Dr. Breton)
  • Mucins – their associated with carcinogenesis (Dr. Burchel)
  • Biosynthesis of cancer related carbohydrate antigens (Dr. Dall’Olio)
  • Gangliosides: Structure, Metabolism and Functions (Dr. Delannoy)
  • Glycans in pathogen-host interaction (Dr. Feizi)
  • CGD impact on families and society (Dr. Ferreira)
  • Synthesis and Bio-Functional Studies of Animal and Bacterial Glycans (Dr. Fukase)
  • Bacterial lectins and infection – from structural glycobiology to anti-adhesive strategies (Dr. Imberty)
  • Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation: an exercise in dysmorphology (Dr. Jaeken)
  • Biology of Sialyl Glycans (Dr. Lau)
  • Mammalian Innate Immunity: the role of bacterial LPS and PGN in cystic fibrosis opportunistic pathogens (Dr. Molinaro)
  • Modeling the carbohydrate field: from monosaccharides to complex architectures (Dr. Perez)
  • The stach granule: three dimensional structure and architecture (Dr. Perez)
  • Carbohydrates as raw materials for a sustainable chemistry (Dr. Queneau)
  • Glycan-mediated microbial adhesion: Hemagglutinins and Adhensins (Dr. Reis)
  • Glycoengineering of protein-based therapeutics (Dr. Ronin)
  • Glycosyltranserase-Programmed Stereosubstitution (GPS): Directing Cell Migration via Translational Glycobiology (Dr. Sackstein)
  • Basic Glycobiology Concepts (Dr. Videira)
  • Glycosylation and the immune response (Dr. Videira)
  • Glycan Biomarkers (Dr. Wandall)