Registration open for Charles Warren Tutorial 2013

The BWH/Harvard PEG Shared Resources Core is hosting the Charles Warren Tutorial 2013 at the University of New Hampshire Glycomics Center from July 17th – July 20th.

A tentative schedule, registration information and a pdf flyer are available online.

The goal of the tutorial will be to inspire an improved understanding about the diversity of techniques applied to the analysis and sequencing of carbohydrate polymers.  The motive is focused by an increasing need for detailed glycan structural understanding.

The specific objective of this tutorial is to provide attendees with a working knowledge of glycan sequencing by sequential mass spectrometry (MSn), and its relationship to other commonly used techniques.  Presentations will be made by Glycomics Center staff and alumni on how to process samples, how to acquire MSn data, and how to analyze mass spectral data.  Examples for choosing fragment ions for MSn analysis will be discussed.  Data interpretation will include analysis of complete MSn data sets, including cross-ring cleavage information, to determine oligosaccharide topology and linkage, including isomeric mixtures.  Library matching strategies will also be discussed.

The intent is to provide analysts, already familiar with glycomics techniques, with the added knowledge of detailed structure analysis using MSn.  As such, most of the presentation will assume attendees having a basic knowledge of oligosaccharide sample handling and mass spectrometry.  The bulk of the time will be spent discussing the utility of ion trap mass spectrometers for this application, techniques and strategies for selecting and acquiring MSn data, and interpreting the acquired MSn data sets.

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