Obtain an account to submit your abstract for InterPEG-2015

Abstracts will be submitted via the PEGNAC WordPress website.  Your content will be password protected and will remain on the server until the abstract submission deadline.  Once the deadline has passed the form responses will be deleted from the server.

If you submitted an abstract for InterPEG-2014 your account is still valid.  If you need to reset your password please contact Melanie Nieze via email at pegadmin at ucsd.edu.

Registration Steps:
1) Go to the PEGNAC website log-in webpage: http://pegnac.sdsc.edu/choose-program/
2) Select your PEG Program
3) Underneath the gray box you will see “Choose a different program” or “register” – Select Register
4) Follow prompts.  Choose Username wisely as it will be displayed on all blog posts you make in the future.

Once you have completed these steps Melanie will add you to the WordPress group.

Once in the group you have access to the blog post that includes the abstract submission form.

Any admin account created on the WordPress site has access to these blog posts as well.