PEG Speakers at NIH & FDA Glycosciences Research Day

Many PEG Members will be attending the annual NIH & FDA Glycosciences Research Day this Friday (5/10/13) at the Natcher Conference Center on campus at the NIH.

Representatives from the CardioPEG have been selected to speak.

Dr. Jian Du will be presenting a short poster talk at 11:30am:
“Thiolated ManNAc sugar analogs regulate human stem cells through the Wnt signaling pathway,” Jian Du, Rahul Bhattacharya, Laura Alberch, Iwen Wu, and Kevin J. Yarema.

Dr. Natasha E. Zachara, Assistant Professor, BCMB, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine will speak at 3:30pm on “Decoding the O-GlcNAc Enigma in Survival Signaling.”

If you’d like to attend there is still time to register!