Program Structure

The National Health Lung and Blood Institute awarded 6 Programs of Excellence in Glycosciences (PEG) program project grants to institutes across the United States. Each PEG grant funds a unique research and training program, which is comprised of a multitude of research projects and technology cores. Although each PEG program is distinct in its research and technological expertise, there are significant opportunities to coordinate shared activites in order to achieve greater efficiency and promote the field of glycosciences to the general scientific community.

The Steering Committee members are the PEG Program PI’s from each location. Through the creation of an Educational Sub-Committee and Shared Resources Sub-Committee, the Steering Committee delegated responsibility for coordinating the training and services offered by each PEG directly to the project and core leaders at each site. The entire PEG program is advised by a Scientific Advisory Board elected by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute Program Staff.

The National Administrative Center serves all the PEGs by performing a range of functions including organizing investigator meetings, External Review Panel meetings, arranging conference calls, and designing and maintaining a website to support the PEGs.