The goal of the Programs of Excellence in Glycosciences (PEG) is to build investigative capacity in glycosciences, and translate emerging discoveries into potential new diagnostics and clinical applications relevant to heart, lung, and blood research. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) solicited applications (RFA-HL-10-026) to support new partnerships that promote multidisciplinary research, provide skills development in glycosciences, and generate glyco-analytical tools for heart, lung, and blood research, thereby creating a cadre of investigators fluent and skillful in glycan chemistry and biology applicable to NHLBI’s research interests. The National Administrative Center serves all the PEGs to coordinate shared Program activities.

Despite technological advances in glycosciences, there is a gap between the chemists/biochemists having glycoscience expertise and biomedical researchers who need its application to interface with biological mechanisms and clinical translation. This program is meant to bridge the gap between glycoscience technologies and the biomedical sciences by supporting partnerships between the two disciplines through shared goals, fostering research, generating relevant resources, and providing skills development to a new generation of investigators that will sustain and advance the application of glycosciences as it relates to heart, lung and blood research.