"Fundamental research to build investigative capacity in glycosciences and translate emerging discoveries into potential new applications…"

Shared Resources

Despite technological advances in glycosciences, there is a chasm between chemists/biochemists having the expertise and the biomedical scientist who need its application to interface with biological mechanism and clinical translation. As a result, many opportunities for discovery are missed. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) funding via the Programs of Excellence in Glycosciences (PEG) is meant to bridge this gap. The Shared Resources Cores funded at each location are tasked with generating glyco-analytical tools as resources to be made available to the entire scientific community, which will advance the application of glycosciences as it relates to heart, lung and blood research.

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Training Program

Glycans and glycan-binding proteins (GBPs) play crucial roles in physiology and disease processes affecting heart, lung and blood systems, yet they remain understudied. Understanding the roles of glycans in biological processes has become increasingly urgent as they have been shown to serve as modulators of DNA/RNA activities and also to mediate multiple functions both independently and through post-translational modifications of proteins and of linkages to lipids. In light of these important roles and the potential opportunities for future discoveries, there is a need to establish more scientific investigators who have the necessary carbohydrate chemistry skills to enhance our understanding. Each of the PEG Programs is developing resources to train a new generation of investigators to be fluent in glycan chemistry and biomedical sciences.

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